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Monday, 3 July 2017

A day out with Jordan and Jason

Kids these days have heaps of toys, so what to "buy" Jordan and Jason for their 6th birthday? With buy less stuff firmly in mind, we decided to give them a day out.  A day out for them and a day off for their parents - win win. The big question was, would we survive? 

Precision planning was required.  We would collect them at 9.30am.  OK, let's make it 9.25am to have time for a quick coffee with Jing and Jose.  When we arrived, they were already running around (Jordan and Jason, not Jose and Jing) like, well like 2 energetic, normal 6 year olds, with Yoyo (lab) bounding around between them. Just another Sunday morning in the 4 J's household.

Right, quick car swap (no child seats in the ute), strap in and we were off.  LEGOLAND Discovery Centre here we come!  As we pulled away, there was the distinct shout of "yippee we're free" coming from the house.  Must have been the radio.

Lots of singing and shouting in the car - and that was just me.  Hang on a minute, we were going in the wrong direction.  With all the excitement, Emilio was heading towards Southland instead of Chaddie.  Woops, OK, no problem, we had plenty of time.  All good.

Pre-booking was a good idea.  Only 10.15am and the place was already busy.  But with tickets already clutched in our hands, we were through! When I say "we" I mean Jordan, Jason and I.  Emilio had spotted the Samsung shop and decided I should have the honour of going in with them (we only had 1 adult ticket).  BTW, this place has a no child, no entry rule - which I guess is a good idea and stops childless weirdos.  Feel a bit sorry for all the adult Lego weirdos out there - and it must have been and issue, because they have adult Lego nights.  I wander if they serve bubbles?

First stop is a 'space station" where you make Lego men and stuff.  With the kids at the consoles, I took the time to arrange, discarded jackets, scarves, water bottles, bits given to us on entry, leashes, poo bags, no sorry, these were kids, not dogs (although there were some kids there that could have done with being on a leash)  Not used to all this additional baggage.  OK short line up to climb aboard a little car thing where you go along and shoot the baddies (sorry Orks, geez) to save the princess.  This was fun and OK the competitive nature in me came out and although I told them that it was a draw, I whipped their butts at shooting baddies Orcs! 

The model display of Melbourne with lights showing for day and night and lots of moving parts, is pretty amazing.  4D movie time - I love 4D movies, complete with water so yay! Into the main Lego workshop.  You know that nightmare when you get up in the middle of the night to go for a wee and step on a Lego piece in bare feet?  Well multiply that by 1,000.  Prepared for battle, I had worn my trusty Doc Martens, so feet were protected. 

First couple of stations were a couple of ramps where you built "cars" or simply joined wheels and had a race with your fellow Lego heads.  Jordan and Jason got to work.  Kids being kids, they all soon had their little gangs and posse's formed.  New BFF's bonding over Lego.  After 10 minutes, I suggested moving stations.  No movement.  After 20 minutes, I went over and checked out the "workshops". Did they want to join one? Nope all good.  40 minutes, maybe a play on the slides and bouncy things or a go on the Lego Ride? There was no dragging them away.  How on earth was I going to go and get to play on the other stuff? 

The competitors look says it all
This bit goes here

Resigned to my fate at station 1, I watched as contraptions were hurled down the ramp.  I attempted to build a Batmobile. Obviously failed Lego 101 as a kid - my flatmobile lost a wheel on it's first run.  Snotty 4 year old showed me the piece I was supposed to have holding the wheels together.  Hate smart alecs. Threw it back into the piece pile in a huff and went and sat by myself.

At 1.00pm, hunger won out.  Not before the obligatory walk through the shop to exit.  Why do places do that?  Of course we all know why, but to their credit J&J were pretty good.  A last play with the large Lego blocks outside and to the food hall.  If I thought LEGOLAND was busy, the food hall was chaos.  We spotted a free table, we saw 2 little old ladies making a beeline towards it, we sprinted, leapt over 2 occupied tables and beat them to it. Avoided filthy looks from little old ladies - it's a dog eat dog world out there, sometimes the needs of two 6 year olds, wins out over manners. Success we had a table! Lunch and ice cream, Check. BTW, Gammi chicken that we had a few weeks ago, much nicer than Nene chicken.

Off to Target to buy 2 Lego Batman tops with capes.  Bugger, they didn't have any in my size.  Came out with 1 said Lego Batman shirt and 1 Spiderman one, sans cape. OK, so there was a small pressie to remember their day.

By the time we went home, it was freezing outside and too cold to take them fishing, which had been the plan.  Plan B.  Put on cartoons and cuddled up under the blanket with a hot chocolate.

Yes, we survived. No injuries, no visits to the lost kids department, no vomits, no tantrums.  Emi did really well.  As for the kids, good as gold and we all had a fun day which is what it was all about. As for Jose and Jing, well they had a great day too.

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