Miscellaneous things to do

Fly first class
Do some volunteer work overseas
Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant
Have less stuff
Do a cruise aboard the Queen Mary
Spend the night in a haunted house
Read 20 “classic” novels (list below) 2/20 read
Learn sign language
Learn to say hello in 20 languages 12/20
Ride a Segway
Ride a monster truck
Play a round of golf with a motorised cart
Stay in overwater bungalows
Drive a Ferrari/Maserati/Lamborghini
Spend a night in a castle – Done October 15 (India)
Complete the A-Z of eating
Become a vegetarian
Eat, Drink, Love – My version
Take a mud bath
Recreate the ghost pottery scene – and throw a pot! - Done
Exercise 1 hour each day
Get down to 60kg
Learn to make fabulous pasta
Make my own cheese
Learn to crochet – Done (sort of)
Do up a Will
Learn to make soap
Make a candle
Smoke a Shisha/hookah pipe
Land on a beach – Done 1 Aug 2016 Fraser Island
Cook through a cookbook
“Indoor” skydive
Complete a self-defence course
Throw a dart at a map of Australia and go there
Throw a dart at a map of the World and go there
Own a pair of red soled shoes – Done Nov 2016
Get a “Wanderlust” tattoo
Learn something new each year
Get my nose pierced
Get a job I love
Go around the world without flying
Set up and use a website/blog
Join the National Trust - Done Dec 2016
Try teeth whitening
Try Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) - Done Jan 2017
Take a flight in a bi-plane
Try Archery
Do a virtual reality experience - Done Oct 2016
Use the smiling mind app regularly
Make my own jam/preserves

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