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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Lola and the mystery of the black truffle

That's me - on Bella the Bus
Lola here.  After my last guest post (which was pretty pawfect if you ask me), I've been given another go - with talk of a regular spot!  So today was the day of our Gourmet Pawprints Truffle Hunt.  No idea what a truffle is (the fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus),  but hey, it sounds tasty - I'm in.

Up early for a Sunday and off to Port Melbourne - B met us there.  Had a bit of a sniff and greet on the beach, some good butt action going on, and then we got on a great big bus!  I had my own seat and blanket and even a seatbelt.  So once we'd stored our overhead luggage and settled in for some liver cookies, we were off.  This bus thing is OK, I got a huge window to look out of.

After a bit, we stopped and had a bit of stretch of paws and some wees.  We were in Ballan and it was chilly and a bit wet. Had morning tea back on the bus - mum wouldn't give me any of her hedgehog, but the liver treats were tasty.

Next stop, Black Cat Truffles!  Boy oh boy, I love cats of all colours, specially when they run away and I can chase them.  But it was a trick, I could smell other doggy's who lived there, I could smell  chickens that taste great roasted and I could smell this funky pungent, earthy smell that was really strong, but no cats anywhere.   Sniffed around a bit, just to make sure I hadn't missed any black cats that may have been hiding and then we went into this big room where that earthy smell was super strong.  Even stronger than the delicious odour of wet pooch - OMG we smell great wet don't we?
Tricked - no real black (or white) cats anywhere!
The two legs chatted and drank bubbles and then - they left us!  Yep, off they went with a lab named Narla and we had to stay behind.  Wasn't so bad I guess, we sniffed around and me and a couple of my new BFFs thought about hatching a plan to get the delightful, ripe smelling cheese left on the counter.  But we were caught out.

What a smell when the two legs all came back!  Don't know where they had been, but by the looks of them they'd been rolling around in the mud and digging!  So not fair that we didn't get to go.  They even had roo poo on the bottom of their shoes and that smelled super tasty.  More of that wine tasting (give me water anytime) and then we went outside and played a fun game called find the food.  Off we went - it was actually pretty easy (our noses are so superior to yours - no wonder you don't stick them in other peoples crotches when you meet them) and we each got this delicious thing filled with treats and even some truffle!  So that's what they taste like - delicious.  I want some sprinkled on roast chicken, serviced with a side of cheese and liver.

Little red riding hood holding what looks like a poo
Fresh truffles - yep they look like poo
Back on the bus and time for a massage (ooh that felt good - this cold weather plays havoc with my old bones) and a snooze whilst the two legs went to the Farmers Arms in Creswick for a truffle themed lunch.  Mum and B had been drinking bubbles (again) - I could smell it on them.  They made my mouth water talking about the delicious bread (steady on, bread is not delicious) with truffle butter, roasted garlic and charcuteria (more like it), beef short ribs with truffle mash (now we're talking), truffle pasta and dessert.  I kind of lost interest - because what did they bring me?  Nothing, nada, not even a bone to chew on.

A final wee before we snoozed on the way back to Port Melbourne.  Said goodbye to all our new friends, especially the lovely Sharon and Kerry and B of course.  Then we did some walking near the beach until dad came to pick us up.

I'm pooped.  These little legs aren't as young as they used to be.  Was a fun day though, I wanna go again. 

Love and Licks Lola xxx
Us ready to go find food
This is Caesar - he looked funny
Me with my "find"
Mum and me in the Truffiere
Gourmet Pawprints do a fantastic job arranging the day

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