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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Christmas in Ballarat - Part Two

Well would you look at that. I thought I was the chief reporter on all things to do with "exploring" but no, my mum beat me to it.  So I thought I'd just add a few things that she may have missed.

Been a bit busy since my last post - even turned the BIG 1 2!! That's like a whole lot of human years, so you'll have to forgive me if I've been a bit slow.  Like a fine wine, I'm getting better with age, albeit slower.

So yep, we went back to Ballarat.  Back to the lake - heaps of swan and duck poo which is super tasty and great to roll in. First lunch stop (after the swan poo snack), I got some tasty salmon.

The house we stayed in was nice.  I had a big back garden to explore, but it had a lot of prickles.  There was also a very noisy possum in the big tree.  Aitana was scared, she thought it was a sheep making noise outside of her window (because you find a lot of those in suburban back yards).  I wasn't scared one bit.  Well maybe a little bit 'cos he sounded like a grumpy old fart of a possum.

Went to other places.  Like another lake where we went hunting for worms.  And to a farmers market where I got more snacks and Christmas presents.  Christmas!  Wow now that was a fun time.  So much super tasty food.  As soon as I got back to Melbourne I had to go on a diet! 

This was in Clunes
Me checking out the botanical gardens
Anyway, it was lots of fun and we did lots of walking and exploring. In-between, I did lots of sleeping and relaxing and got lots of cuddles and scratches on my belly.  Life is good.

Stopping to smell the roses

I was NOT trying to open my Christmas presents before time

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