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Monday, 16 October 2017

A child of the 80's trying to relive her youth

I don't really listen to much music these days, much less go and see many of the touring bands, although Adele earlier in the year was fantastic.  So after last night, I was reminiscing about my earlier music tastes.
From listening to my mum and dads albums which were a mix of Spanish and English pop songs, I moved on to ABBA, BCR's, David Essex, KISS and Queen.  Posters of David, Paul and Woody in particular adorned my walls and am I the only one who practice kissed on them?  Hope not, otherwise that statement is a bit embarrassing.
The 1980's hit and I fell in love with the New Romantics.  A bunch of bands that came out of the UK and dressed way too cool for school!  I loved them all, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Classic Nouveaux, Culture Club, Ultravox, Simple Minds, ABC, Visage and yep, even a Flock of Seagulls. Bedroom was re-decorated with my new faves (sorry David, I kept your pic up the longest). By then, I had started working part time at KFC, so all my hard earned money went on albums and magazines- oh and chips.  

But my fave band at that time was Adam and the Ants.  I know he has denied being a New Romantic, but hey, if the ruffled shirt fits.  Adam was just the coolest, sexiest man in leather pants around and he applied eye liner way better than I did.  In my dreams we fell madly in love, got married and had cute kids.  Was it strange that he was 11 years older and I was 15?  Nope.  So really 11 year olds drooling over a 15 year old Justin is reasonable.  It's perfectly clear now who the original Jack Sparrow was (and he's a bit of alright too).

So when I heard that Adam Ant (sans Ants) was touring, I grabbed a couple of tix. Emi wasn't that keen, so Aitana came along with me.  We headed to the Palais theatre last night filled with eager anticipation (mainly from me) and I was rather impressed that Aitana had been listening to a few of his old hits on You Tube.

He started off by playing all the songs off the Kings of the Wild Frontier album which was their second, released in November 1980, first came Dog Eat Dog and moving on to the classic favourite Ant Music.  Then went on to play a few other songs from the other albums including Prince Charming, Ant Rap,  Stand and Deliver and Dirk wears white socks.  It's amazing how all the words come back and most of the audience were singing along to many of the songs. 
The band was pretty good, especially the two drummers with full kits providing that classic Burundi style beat and had the crowd bopping around.

Prince Charming
No white stripe on my nose this time around!
Has he still got that swagger?  Well he was still dressed in tight leather pants, high boots, a pirate hat, the brocade jacket and the scarves.  Some of the moves are still there and it's great to see he's still got plenty of energy for a about-to-turn 63 year old!  Yep, he really is that old.  He's lost the weight he had gained a few years ago and looking healthier than a few recent pictures of him.  So yep, I reckon he's still got that je ne sais quoi or chutzpah.  Or it could just be my failing eyesight. Must go back and drool/take a look at some of those old classic videos. 


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