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Sunday, 1 October 2017

30 September - a special day, not just because the Tigers won

It's been nearly six months since we lost our bubba Lucas and today would have been his lucky 13th birthday.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and I still miss him dearly.  This morning on the beach with Lola we saw two gorgeous two year old cockers running along, tongues out, ears flapping in the wind and bums wagging their entire bodies.  I burst into tears.  So many memories of Lucas doing just that, the joy clearly written on his face.

I read an interesting article today "The science behind why some people love animals and others couldn’t care less."  Written by John Bradshaw  - a Fellow in Anthrozoology, University of Bristol, it was an interesting read. He suggests that for most owners "pets are not a luxury but an integral and deeply loved part of the family and while some people are into pets, others simply aren’t interested." Why is this the case?  Why indeed.  I've seen the look on peoples faces who can't really understand how you can be so upset about losing "just a dog".  Or the other pearler, "just get another one".  But I've also had strangers who do understand shed tears as they too remember some precious lost furbaby.

I'm glad I'm one of those who love and treat their furry, feathered or scaled pets as important members of the family. Yes they can be exasperating, naughty and expensive at times (as Lola once again rakes her nails down my shin to remind me that she'd there and wants immediate scratching), but they give so much.

So will we get another doggy?  One day.  For now we have our adorable Lola.  She has changed. Apart from (like me) putting on weight (no Lucas to polish off her dinner or scoff all the treats), she's taken on some of his traits.  Like barking.  She never barked - that was Lucas's job.  But now she has become the defender of the home, our protector and doorbell.  Where as once it was Lucas who was my constant shadow, now I find Lola on the bathmat when I'm in the shower.  She's loving the extra attention - especially the kisses and cuddles and we are just enjoying every precious minute we have with her.

Happy Birthday my beautiful bubba.

If there was water about, Lucas would be in it

This pic pretty much sums up their feelings towards one another!

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