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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Back to Baconsville

I began my reporting career earlier in the year when we first visited Baconsville. And would you believe it, we're back again.  I knew something was going on that morning (Sunday 5 November) and sure enough we were off.  This time with the lovely B and my new human sis, Aitana.

Quality Control
Having extra people in the car is the best - I get scratches and cuddles all the way.  Stopped at Boat O'Craigo winery in the Yarra Valley for lunch.  Mum and B went wine tasting and looks like they couldn't make up their mind 'cos they had to then bring out a full bottle of the pink one to make sure that they had properly tasted it (Ed note, we did particularly enjoy the chilled Rose).  The winery's name comes from the town of Craigo in Scotland.  The water was OK.  I thought we might be partaking in some Haggis, being Scottish and all, but no, we had pizzas.  Very tasty - especially the bits I got with some rather delicate semi-soft fresh Fior Di Latte mozzarella - buonissimo!

On we drove up the gorgeous Black Spur and there we were - back at the Vibe Hotel! Same smells, this time, they even took my picture - probably for their monthly cutest guest report. Same same, but different room.  My bed was smaller, but I had already eyed off the bed and couch.  We went for a nice long walk around the town and park and YES! That delicious stream water was still there and was still delicious! I rolled, waded, scratched, sniffed, peed and did poo.  After all that I was pretty pooped so dinner and to bed to dream of bacon.  Didn't even miss the humans when they went out - OK, I did a little bit.

The Girls
Brilliant dream - a whole bowl of bacon and sausages and brilliant because it came true!  After my morning constitutional, I had a nap and when I woke up mum and dad had returned with a whole bag of food for moi. Off we went.   Back to Steavenson’s Falls.  I stayed with Dad guarding the car.  Then the girls went back to visit Bruno at Bruno’s Art and Sculpture Garden.  Been there, done that so was happy to head off with Dad checking out the local fishing spots.  We all had a lovely afternoon stopping along the river.  Back to the hotel for a rest and wine drinking (I stuck to water, someone needs to remain vigilant).  For dinner, I got yep, you guessed it - more bacon and sausages.  I really did try and keep my eyes open to remain on guard, but my belly was full, it had been a long day and the couch was calling me.......

I got my own sign for the door!
 My dad and the rodo rhododren rhododendrons - the pink flowers
Can you ever really have too much bacon?  I was packed and ready to go after saying goodbye to my new friends.  We had a walk around Healesville on the way home and stopped at Four Pillars distillery.  B and Mum drinking again!  They seemed happy and I got more scratches all the way home.  Love and Licks Lola the Explorer xx


Aitana and I pretending we were in a scene from Tom Sawyer
Me keeping a close eye on my dad

Me looking gorgeous

Gin - I'll stick to water

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