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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Mirror Mirror on the wall......

A warm, windy Sunday in Melbourne - time to be tourists.  We'd (B, Kaz, Claire, Aitana and I) booked tixs to go do the Art Centre tour, but decided we'd get there early and check out the House of Mirrors which has been set up just out the front of the Art Centre.  So between sneezes (shocking hay fever - it was actually quiet amusing hearing everyone coughing, sneezing and spluttering), in we went.

House of Mirrors is the creation of Melbourne artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney (no idea who they are, got it from the promo). What do you get when you put 40 tonnes of steel and more than 15 tonnes of mirrored glass together?  A simple looking labyrinth - how hard can it be?  Surprisingly, much harder than it looks. 

Shadowed - so can't see the snot dripping
Looks simple, isn't
The reflections are deceiving and you quickly become disorientated and find yourself walking around in a circle.  Not that I particularly wanted to take a photo of 10 times my butt, but if I had wanted to, I could have.  As for double chins - they were everywhere I looked.  Not a good place for your self esteem, but interesting all the same.  And we made it out.

Too early on a Sunday for that many views of my fat arse
Next, our Backstage tour of the Art Centre.  Starting at 11am and running for around 90 minutes, we learnt a little about the history and visited some of the backstage rooms, hidden passageways and learnt how some of the technical contraptions work.  No whistling allowed on stage, because a sandbag might fall on your head - superstitious lot these actor sorts. Interesting chat from one of the costume guys and was particularly enthralled by the vomitoriumNo not a room to go and have a spew, it's a passage below the seats for actors to enter and leave the stage.  From the Latin word meaning  "to spew forth". All up, very interesting, a tick off the list and well worth the $20.  Tours are available every Sunday.  
Checked out MPavilion across the road in the Queen Victoria Gardens.  Part stage, part space - it even has a bar.  Anyway, the musicians due to perform were running late and we had a lunch date with a trolley of goodies at Secret Kitchen, so will need to check it out another day.  Hadn't been for Yum Cha in ages. Yum.  Tried to show some restraint as we had a dinner to get to. 
Pleasant day with an added stroll through Chinatown. Always so much to see and do in this fair city of ours. Love it.  Thanks girls xxx

Claire and Aitana give the tour a thumbs up

Cute little custard filled piggies

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