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Monday, 16 April 2018

A three tick Sunday

The List has been somewhat neglected of late. Have moon boot, will travel, so a free day to remedy the situation.  A drizzly Sunday, Emilio working down in Somers, plans were made to meet B at IMAX. 

Now this was B's suggestion and bit of a surprise when she said lets go to the 10am session.  There are not too many people that B gets out of bed for early on a Sunday morning, but apparently I'm one of them. Special or what? Coffee and popcorn in hand (bit early for bubbles) in we went.  I love VR, 3D and IMAX movies, but had never been to the IMAX theatre here in Melbourne, so thoroughly enjoyed a ride through Africa in comfy reclining premium seats. Tick.  Oh and further motivation to go and see the gorillas. 

It was a sign - no line!
The Dish
Next stop Hawker Chan. The world's cheapest Michelin-star meal from a hawker centre in Singapore, (run by chef Chan Hong Meng) is now in Melbourne. Maybe it was the time or maybe it was the drizzly day but we got there and there was NO LINE. In we went. 2 serves of The Dish - Soya Sauce Chicken with Rice, plus a bit of Roast Pork and BBQ Pork.  Verdict, yum and great value for money. Tick number 2.

We probably could have gone straight to Hopetoun Tearooms, but decided that it was 12pm and a glass of bubbles was called for.  Stopped at Section 8, a funky bar in a funky laneway in the middle of Chinatown made out of a shipping container with wooden palettes for seats. No expense spared. Could have stopped at 3 glasses, but the rain got a bit heavier, so had another. No tick, but a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. Oh and after a few bubbles, we came up with another fabulous idea  - stay tuned!

Final stop, Hopetoun Tea Rooms - a Melbourne Institution.  I vaguely recalled visiting like 30 years ago, but not been since living in Melbourne.  It's in the gorgeous Block Arcade and opened way back in 1891.  The line was longer than Hawker Chan's, giving us plenty of time to drool over the windows.  I was here for the scones, it's the thing. WTF - they ran out of scones!!  NO. Hang on they had 1 lonely scone left, so ended up getting it for free.  Suspect that it was left over on someones plate (kidding). Was nice, but not the best I've had. Coffee, luke warm.  Cups, no longer fancy.  Service slow - they forgot our order and gave us a 10% discount.  Oh we did do a take away chocolate pecan tart that wasn't bad, but tiny and B had the lemon meringue which was apparently delish.  Overall disappointing over priced and no need to rush back for a full serve of scones.   

Go on then, let's have another!

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