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Monday, 26 March 2018

Fun at ArtVo

Daydreaming of a day off reading, writing - maybe with a glass of red in hand?  Reality is, I'm just not a sit still kind of girl. So this broken ankle - well and truly over it.

Not going to let this stop me from doing everything, so last Thursday afternoon, my partner in crimes against common sense and I hobbled over to ArtVo in Docklands. ArtVo is an "immersive gallery" of different themed rooms where posing and taking selfies is all part of the fun and very much encouraged.  Actually, having someone with you to take the photos is probably best. But if you're selfie obsessed, (or have no friends) go for it.

Now some of the "props" require a bit of flexibility and I'm not sure if we laughed harder at the photos or our attempts at getting onto the floor and up again whilst maintaining some shred of dignity. Luckily, for the most part, we were the only ones in there, so our nanna knickers remain our little secret.

Halfway thorugh, a lovely staff member came and asked us if we would like her to take a couple of photos of us together.  After seeing us in action and realising that at the rate we were going we would be there all night, she tagged along and took all our photos for us. Which was certainly a good thing because some of the "trick" shots were a little beyond us.

Like a pair of graceful gazelles we placed ourselves delicately into the surrounding scenery. Blending beautifully and fitting into each scene as if it had been personally painted for us.  All with not a VPL in site. 

I've since found out there is an app you can follow with instructions and there are TV screens showing what to do and where to stand.  But we had just as much fun making it up as we went along. 

The place is much larger than expected and we probably needed a little extra time.  Being fully abled might have helped also. But heaps of fun and good to get out, do an activity and get a tick off the list!

Opening hours and ticket prices here.  Kids would love it too - big and small.

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