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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Lunchtime terrarium making

Collins Square (my day jail) has recently been running several workshops including one on making a Terrarium, which I had on the list.  I also wanted to do the croissant making one (images of golden, flakey, buttery delishesness coming to mind), but missed out on a spot. Never mind, probably a good thing - more on that another time.

Maree and I headed down, green fingers ready to create.  Considering the very reasonable price we paid, imagine our surprise when we were greeted with a fish bowl size container waiting to be turned into our masterpieces.   

Our hosts, were the lovely people from Miei Fiori (My Flowers in Italian), a florist with a difference. Not only do they produce beautiful bouquets of stunning flowers and run a variety of workshops, but they operate on a 100%-net-profit-to-charity model.  With a focus on improving children’s lives and closing the poverty gap in Australia, they are currently supporting the Smith Family and are one of the growing number of social enterprises supporting the community. Yay team - love ya work!

They also operate on a zero waste model, so don't have a supply of flowers ready and waiting to be bunched up and cellophaned to within an inch of their life. But give them some notice and they can provide gorgeous bouquets that you know are super fresh.

Back to the terrarium making.  Once intros and basic instructions were provided, it was time to get down to business.  We grabbed out 3 succulents. Maree thought she had her 3 safe in her keeping, but it's a dog eat dog world out there and she found one being snatched out of her hand.  Crocheting is not that competitive - although I can imagine Maree fighting with hooks raised at a Morris & Sons 50% off sale.

Right then, glove on, first layer - small pebbles to aid in water drainage.  Check. Second layer Sphagnum Moss that stores water and keeps things nice and moist (I don't have an aversion to that word. In fact I quiet like it - moist, moist, moist).  Next succulent potting mix.  Now the fun part planting our chosen succulents.  Making a little hole, loosening the roots a bit and sticking it in.  3 little succulents sitting in a bowl.  Bit of gravel over the top and several delicately placed decorative pebbles and Voila! 1 terrarium ready for a light water spray and Instagram glory.

Don't over water!  Just a bit of a spray when the soil is looking dry to keep things MOIST. And that's how we spent our lunchtime.  My terrarium is now sitting proudly on my desk receiving compliments. As for Maree's, well she doesn't like succulents so gifted it on to someone who can appreciate and talk nicely to it.

Oh, and if you fancy becoming a flower arranging maestro - check out Miei Fiori's workshops.

Maree "I'd rather be crocheting" Ross

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