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Friday, 12 May 2017

A week away in Merimbula NSW

Following our self-imposed overseas travel ban, holidays this year are going to be road trips.  So we've just returned from a week up in Merimbula, from the Aboriginal word for ‘two lakes’.  Located on the Sapphire coast of NSW, it's about 580km from Melbourne. Took us about 9 hours, including various stops for food, walks and wees.
Lola the Explorer
Stayed in a cute little house about 1km out of town.  Great views from the front balcony, a large sunroom out the back, nice back garden for Lola the explorer and a kitchen filled with enough stuff to keep even inspector gadget happy.  Except for sharp knives.
Great to see CC and cc (Cindy and Charlotte) who drove all the way down for a quick visit.  Scrabble, tea, wine and chocolate - Saturday nights have changed a lot since when Cindy and I first met way back in 1991. Her dear brother Mick invited a few of us home after meeting on a cruise and there she was, jaw swollen having just had her wisdom teeth out.  Anyway, we must have clicked because in August of that same year, Yvonne and I gate crashed her 21st and have been firm friends ever since.  In fact, she's known Emilio nearly as long as I have having met him that same summer in Spain way back in 1993. We've shared lots of holidays, laughs, tears, drinks and cigarettes over the years. And can now add games of scrabble to that list.

1st morning haul - it's gonna be a good week

Dolphin spotting
The one that got away was this big


So a week relaxing and  fishing.  Plans to do lots of reading and writing didn't quiet happen, but all good. Nice to not have plans. 

Lola was a trooper and ended up exhausted each evening.  I forget that she's over 11 years old.  The steps to and from the secret beach were tough!

It's a Wobegong - and the amazing thing was that I knew that!
Merimbula is lovely as are the surrounding towns of Pambula, Eden, Tathra and Bega. Yes, Bega, not just a cheese brand.  No factory tours, but they do a pretty good cheese toastie. And of course, you can't leave without a 1kg tub of Bega butter.  Well you can, but we didn't.

Fish packed in ice, one large tub of Bega butter, another 9 hours on the road and we were home. Plenty of time to count caravans and dream of a life as a Grey Nomad. The thought crossed our minds more than once to just pack up and head off.  And today, that pesky thing called work got in the way.
Yep, that's how I felt at the thought of returning to work

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