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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A trip to Lake Eildon

Labour Day long weekend and we decided to make use of the accommodation I'd booked last year when we were supposed to go to Eildon for a fishing comp and somehow booked a place that was the other side of Lake Eildon and 100km away.  Who knew that Lake Eildon was so big?

Off we went, relegated to the back seat with Lola so I could prop the ankle up.  Stopped in Mansfield for lunch and wow what a busy place.  Lots of cowboys around due to a local rodeo.  Short stroll, but managed a visit to Country Target. 

Frogsong Cottages in Mountain Bay are around 20km from Mansfield.  Found the place OK and the place was cute, although only a ceiling fan so a bit warm.  There are four units and our neighbours had a lovely dog named Dio so Lola had company.  Drive around and a couple of stops along Lake Eildon in Gough's Bay.  Another busy place - the lake, the town itself is tiny.  Fishing was out so whilst I went back to the cottage, Emi and Aitana headed off to try their luck.   

Lola and Dio
Now if ever I wanted to check out "Freedom" camping, this was the place to do it.  Along dirt and gravel roads (dream come true for Emi, the new car performed admirably and was covered in dust), there were camp spots and heaps of tents and vans of all sorts and shapes.  Some great set ups and how they get some of them down by the water, beats me.  My addiction to Big Lap Facebook pages has stepped up.  Can't wait to hit the road! Although how I would keep the dust out is something to be investigated.

Somewhat restricted in activities, so bubbles and books for me. BBQ's for dinner, naps and even managed a couple of movies.  No TV or phone reception, so certainly relaxing. Lola enjoyed wandering around and made herself at home over at the neighbours units as well.  Bit worried about snakes, but all good - no mishaps.

That's as close to Lake Eildon as I got
Well one slight mishap.  Heading home we decided to stop off at the lake around Bonnie Doon.  Oh look, mud. Oh look we're stuck.  Luckily, another group of lake campers were on hand to pull us out.  One very dirty and muddy Colorado.  Lola not to be outdone, also decided to explore the mud. Once all out of the mud, we headed off, stopping in Yea (Yay!) for a coffee.

The hole in the mud
Lola checking out the mud

Final stop - Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory.  Wow, never been and couldn't believe the number of cars. The place was jam packed.  Always wanted to visit - so a bonus.  Gorgeous views, free samples, huge servings of gourmet ice-creams and the chocolate. Chocolate heaven. Winning. Even got Emi some sugar-free chocolate Easter bunnies

- just to counteract the double scoop ice cream.

The Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory

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