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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Lola the Explorer goes to Lake Eildon

I love mini-breaks.  We went to a place called Frogsong and there were 2 other doggy's there.  Now I'm not really a doggy dog (other dogs can't scratch my belly and they try and sniff my butt all the time), but they were both OK.  Lots of good smells (no frogs, but plenty of rabbits and kangaroo poo) and I wandered around exploring.  Our cottage was nice.  I visited the other cottages - just to check out what they were like.  So what else did I do:
  • Went down to the big lake. 
  • We visited a big campground and there were people living in canvas houses and lots of other dogs around, so I peed on one tent - kinda like "Lola was here". 
  • I got to drive the new car - good thing too, cos I think we were lost!
  • Had a shower because I had poo stuck to my butt and dragged it on the floor - oops
  • Checked out the depth of the mud when the car got stuck (not my fault)
  • Ate chicken, sausages and bacon - excellent! I even shared my treats and sausages with Dio.
That's it from me (my mum has it covered). Back to the couch for a snooze.

Love and Licks Lola

This was my neighbour - she was super friendly
Just call me Alonso

Confession time - I peed on the tent

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