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Sunday, 26 March 2017

A year without buying new shoes

On the list this year is to go 6 months without shopping.  I thought it would be tough, but 3 months in, I'm finding it pretty easy and in fact it feels great!  So I've decided to up the ante and go for the whole year.  No clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags - stuff.  We just don't need more "stuff". 

In fact, we need less stuff.  We have so much that we just don't use and there it sits taking up space.  So I've also been doing my de-cluttering bit.  Not huge amounts, but now I certainly look at things and think, do I really love this or is it useful?  Because life is just way to short to wear those knickers that are cute, but roll under your belly or get eaten by your bum.  And don't get me started on uncomfy bras.

I've read a few books on minimalism (I like this Facebook page) and I really love the message.  Although sceptical at first, I'm finding that it really is a mindset and feels amazing.  Look at that, I've gone and become all spacey.  Have not turned into a hippy or given up all my worldly possessions to live off the land, run around naked and drink my own urine - yet.  I still love red wine (hang on, another change, I've been drinking bubbles of late), chocolate, ice-cream - food in general really.  OMG Emi cooked up a magnificent cocido today! Delish, and what becomes of all the leftover ham, chicken and chorizo - croquettes that's what. Crunchy, creamy, mouth watering croquettes.

Anyway, this "no buying stuff" hasn't really meant we've saved a heap of money, but we're spending it on doing stuff as opposed to buying stuff and it's much more fun.  So repeating my motto -  unless it's broken or a real need "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without".

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