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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Febfast is a wrap!

And that folks is a wrap for Febfast 2017!  I won't lie, had a bit of a slip up over the weekend in Ballarat, so had to buy a get out of jail free pass.  The most expensive beesting, custard slice and milkshake ever - but they were good!

Weight loss = nil!  So much for thinking I'd lose a few kg's.  Oh well.  Not going to entirely undo the good work and will continue to work on cutting down on sugar.  However, this new range of Gelato Messina (this is still on my list - I am yet to try an actual ice-cream from here) Tim Tams have been tempting me all February.  And wouldn't you know, they're on special in Woolies this week. 

No I did not buy the whole range (Choc Mint, Salted Caramel & Vanilla, Coconut & Lychee and Black Forest) and yes I have shared them and only eaten 1. Verdict - they smell divine, but I prefer the good old original Tim Tam.
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