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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Betty's Maiden Outing

Having won a shiny red bike as part of Febfast, today was the day that I took Betty (that's what I've christened her) for a spin.  Helmet on (thanks to Kirsten, I didn't have to buy one), water bottle in basket off I wobbled.  Been a while since I've been on a bike, but don't they say that you never forget?

Luckily we live near Beach Road and the great bike paths along the Bayside coastal trail so I wasn't on the road long enough to become a traffic hazard.  So there I was riding along, sun shining, starting to puff a bit thinking "this peddling bit is hard work".  Maybe I was in the wrong gear?  I fiddled around with them a bit, no idea what I was actually doing.  Do you stop peddling when you change gears?  Do you peddle backwards?  Anyway, didn't seem to make much difference, so onwards.

Where was I, ah yes, sun shining, water sparkling, seagulls flapping around, people splashing around in the water, thighs starting to burn.  Time for a water and rest stop at beautiful Green Point.  Now I probably need to point out that from my house to Green Point there is a total of 1.6km.  Surely, I'm not that unfit?  I can fast walk here in 15 minutes!

Lovely spot Green Point.  Great for a picnic under the Norfolk Island Pines, views across the bay to the city and look at that, a strategically placed Mr Whippy van!  Surely all my hard work getting here has earnt me an ice cream? 

Made it as far as the Brighton Bathing Boxes.  OK, I'll be honest, it was the start of the bathing boxes.

Several stops later, I was home.  Felt like I'd been riding for hours.  Total time 40 minutes. Kilometres completed around 5, rest/water stops 4, ice creams 1, number of times peddle hit me on ankle while wheeling the bike twice, accidents caused nil.  Surely that's the important thing right?

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