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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Discovering Melbourne - Richmond

Saturday 22 April, a stroll around Richmond - take 3.  Although the weather once again threatened to put a dampener on our day out, it was warm and even sunny-ish. Been to Richmond a few times to visit one of the many cafes, bars and of course for a spot of shopping along Bridge Road.  Who can forget the $10 in 10  challenge?  The challenge, to see who could get the best bargain for $10 or under in 10 minutes. Try it, it's fun.

But this time, we had a few ideas of what we wanted to see, but no set plan.  Richmond has a lot of amazing street art, particularly around Richmond Train station and the little streets off Swan Street.  Saw some, but will need to do a more thorough walk through with more time.

First stop, Rustica Canteen for a coffee and croissant.  All looked delish, but needed to pace ourselves. On to Pana chocolate. Lovely little shop with all their products being vegan, organic, with no refined sugar, and produced using minimal heat (raw).  I'd heard of this place, but will need to come back to try it out.

Stumbled upon Kazari warehouse and what an amazing find.  Kazari + Ziguzagu stock a range of textiles, artwork,  antiques, vintage and contemporary furniture from Japan, China, Indonesia and Vietnam and so much more.  It's a regular Aladdin's cave filled with all sorts of treasures.  Was tempted, but held strong to my no shopping mantra.

Crossed the Church Street Bridge, a lovely arched bridge over the Yarra River joining Richmond and South Yarra and followed the river towards Herring Island.  Yay, would finally get to visit Herring Island!  OK, not so fast, there was no punt service and have since found the following  The Herring Island punt service operates 11am-5pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (except Christmas Day) between the dates of 17 December 2016 and 17 April 2017.  Missed the boat by 5 days. Oh well, back on the list for later this year.

We had worked up a bit of an appetite by this time and Kanteen  (strictly speaking, not in Richmond, but rather South Yarra) was right there on the river.  Sat outside under a lovely gum tree at least looking at Herring Island - even if we couldn't actually get on to it. 

Managed to make a little room for our last stop on the stroll back - Gelato Messina. Although I had tried Belinda's Dr Evils Magic Mushroom cake on her birthday, I was yet to try their ice-cream - and it was on the list! Decisions, decisions. So many choices and they all looked sooooo good.  Couple of taste tests and then settled on the Coconut & Roast Almond Sorbet with Chocolate Coated Almonds and the Gianduia Gelato (chocolate & hazelnut).  Both nice, but probably not the best ice-cream I've ever had.  But a tick off the list!  And yes of course I would eat it again.

Verdict.  You need many, many strolls around Richmond to cover it all and there is heaps to see and do.  What surprised us is that if you move away from the main streets, you find all these quiet, little shady pockets.
The lovely Heather (aka Old Deer) taking a break 
Somebody tell the Old Ewe that there's no sun indoors 

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