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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Tail on the Road

Always dreamed of having "Tails on the Road" emblazoned on the side of the caravan. And that's what I always say when we head off on a trip.  Our first trip away without Lucas will feel sad and strange.  Including for Lola - she'll have the whole back seat of the car to herself! Usually she ends up squashed against the door because Lucas liked to stretch himself out and make himself comfortable.  But it does remind us of all the wonderful trips we did get to do with him and for that we're thankful.

Talking of Lola, she's been on the job this week - acting supervisor.  But yesterday she was found to be skiving off the job when it was discovered she had gone walkabout.  Emi flew into a mad panic and sent out the search parties.  Luckily she was picked up by someone and was safely returned.  I'm sure only 15 minutes passed, but to Emi it must have felt like hours.  Remanded to home duties today.

We do call her Lola the Explorer.  She does have the habit of following her nose off on some new adventure at times.  So different in character to Lucas.  Much more independent, not as "needy", although when she wants to be scratched she's very insistent with the paw.  So my little girl is coming to terms with all the extra attention she's getting and seems to be enjoying it.  I don't think she has fully realised that Lucas has gone, although we did take her with us to say goodbye.

So just a short distance trip this Easter weekend to the very interesting sounding The Old Paper Mills at Fyansford near Geelong.   We are looking forward to it and to discovering new things.

Happy Easter.

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