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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Joy of Less

Just finished reading The Joy of Less by Francine Jay - as if I needed further encouragement to continue working towards having less stuff.  I borrowed it from the library.

One interesting topic that she touches on is the growing disillusionment with consumerism.  It appears that there has been a shift and people are beginning to realise that less is more and more doesn't necessarily equal happiness.  And apparently big retailers are getting worried.  They of course would have us believe that we need the latest and greatest in gadgets.  That we need a wardrobe full of new seasons clothes and that shopping is the ideal past time.  Sale! Sale! Sale!  50% off, Bargains, Clearance.  Ah those magic words. 

Happiness is not on sale at Myer. Never has been, never will be. So why do we buy into the subtle message of advertisements?  Shopping can be fun - ah the lure of colourful bags and finding bargains.  But then comes the guilt.  Maybe I shouldn't have spent so much, buyer remorse, credit card debt.  And confession time, I have put something new on and said "what this old thing, have had it for ages."  These shoes, but they were an absolute bargain, just because I haven't worn them in the 3 years since I got them doesn't matter.    

Went to Southland and can say I was only tempted briefly - in Aldi whilst doing some grocery shopping.  Did not feel the need to go into any other shop and check out the sale rack.  So that has now been 3 months of no shopping. 

Anyway, the book has encouraged me to let go of more stuff - it's even fun. Although, I can see myself having to go out and buy comfy undies or go commando - the Joy of Less. 

That was all I bit deep.  I like this tattoo - maybe the one for this year?

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