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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Ole for Spanish Films!

Ole! The 2017 Spanish Film Festival is on again.  Last night we went and saw Kiki, El Amor Se Hace (Kiki, Love to Love). What I didn't know is that this is a remake of an Australian Film released in 2014 The Little Death, which only made $400,000 at the box office here in Oz.  It's also been a remake in France, Poland and Estonia.

Haven't seen the original (or the Estonian version for that matter), but the Spanish version is fabulous.  Set in Madrid and across five separate stories, Kiki: Love to Love’s characters all share one thing in common: an unusual impulse that they are unable to suppress as these Madrileños set out on a hilarious series of adventures in pleasure. 

Reminiscent of early Pedro Almodovar, and after these last couple of sad weeks, we really needed a good laugh and this did it for us.  A bonus was a Q&A after the movie with one of the stars Natalia de Molina.  Even got a pic with her.

Oh, I even did a Weekend Notes article on the Festival :)


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