Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Winners are Grinners!


I just won this cute little retro number!  For registering yesterday to do Febfast (day 1 - so far so good, but then again it's not even lunchtime yet), I went into a draw to win a bike and I was the lucky winner.  Woo Hoo. 

Must be a sign that along with giving up sugar, I need to get off my fat butt and do some exercise.

Ah yes, I can just picture myself peddling along the bike path near Beach Rd.  Sun shining, picnic (of healthy sugar free goodies of course) in basket, flowing dress and helmet hair.  Nothing in that picture shows any part of said fat butt hanging over the bike seat.

I now have a small dilemma.  I'm going to need to go against my "no buying stuff" and get myself a bike helmet.  Maybe I could just wear the motorbike helmet - for added security?  Actually bound to be one in the garage that I can salvage and use.

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