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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Burgerholics Anonymous

I think I need to join Burgerholics Anonymous.  It seems like these days in Melbourne, you can't walk 50m without coming across another new "gotta try" burger joint.  And as fast as I add them to the list, the more that just pop up all around me! 

This is not a completely new phenomenon, it has been happening for a few years now with even celebrity chefs jumping on the bandwagon  (yes, I'm referring to Neil Perry's Burger Project and the soon to be opened Benny's Burgers courtesy of Shannon Bennett).

In fact there are people out there far more addicted that I am - just check out Burgers of Melbourne! This guy takes his job very seriously - even rating milkshakes, onion rings and chips. Impressive.

I have 10 burger places to try on my 2017 list.  There were 7 I tried last year.  Here we are only half way through February and I have already tried 4 on the list.  I must also confess that there may or may not have been a few repeats in the year to date. 

Do I rate my burgers?  No not really - I find that really hard and they have all been pretty good!  However, out of the 4 I've tried this year, last nights burger at The Grand Trailer Park Taverna is probably my fave. Great place too and milkshakes to die for (they have alcohol in them - need I say more?)

I think I have reached saturation point.  I do solemnly swear that I will not add any new burger places to the list (unless they sound really, really, really good).

One final note, this burger addiction is causing all sorts of problems for number 59 on the list - get down to 60kg.  At this rate, I'll be lucky not to gain 9kg, never mind losing 9.
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  1. Also, checkout our own David Pearl - an awesome reviewer of burgers and fine foods.