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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Year of Yes

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What is it about turning 50 that has us re-evaluating our lives (holy F&%$, I'm getting old)?  For me it was the thought that my dear mum passed away way too early at 70 and that meant only 20 years to go.  20 years in which to do all the things I still want to do. And for me, that's where THE LIST started. Rather than a Bucket List, it is more of a Life Wish List.  A place to note down all the great things that are out there to see, do and experience.

This year my dear friend Belinda turns the BIG 50.  For her, she has declared this to be the Year of Yes.  A year to consider all that is offered and not just quickly say no, but to get out there and try new things, see new things, taste new things and to get out of her comfort zone.  It's a great way to experience what may turn into a new passion (or may have you swearing off something for ever), or meeting some wonderful new people.

On Monday I had a spare ticket to a "See Think Click" photography workshop at lunchtime.  It was just 30 minutes, in our building and best of all FREE (my second favourite 4 letter word).  I asked B if she wanted to come along.  Her first reaction was to say "nah I'm busy with work" but caught herself in time and said "YES why not"!  Not only is it great to get away from our desks at lunchtime, but we picked up a few photography tips and had time to pop down to see The Thinking Photographer 's photos.

The best thing about saying yes, is it doesn't take away the very important freedom of saying NO. I don't feel guilty saying it, I don't feel pressured into saying yes. Drinks after work on a Friday?  Thanks but no thanks (I'd rather go home to my hubby and fur-babies).  Skydiving, bungy jumping (why do people think these need to be on the list?)  Definitely not.  I'm happy to try new things, but they just don't do it for me.  I don't want to jump out of a plane and I don't want to jump off a bridge with a rubber band around my ankles.

So just say YES!  Unless it really doesn't appeal, in which case NO is fine too.

As for turning 50, well I'm not sure if it's the new 40, but it certainly puts a whole new perspective on life.

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  1. Andrea Clark

    YES OK��I love this!! Saying YES more often will certainly make life more interesting for sure!