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Monday, 20 February 2017

Brighton Bathing Boxes

Gotta love when wonderful friends (thanks B) from interstate come to visit and you get to play tourists!  And who doesn't love the Brighton Bathing Boxes!  

On Dendy Street Beach, the 82 Brighton bathing boxes are a popular Bayside icon and remain much as they were over one hundred years ago, as licensed bathing boxes. No services such as electricity or water are connected and licensees can only make minor structural, artistic and colour changes - we particularly loved this VW one. 

So how much for one of these little beauties?  Well apart from being as rare as hens teeth with only 1 or 2 new ones built each year, the last one sold in December 2016 (the orange and yellow striped box, number 85) went for $326,000!  That would be a pretty fancy caravan and there would be plenty left over for burgers!

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